You’re a leader, but your Personality Type is getting in your way.  It’s pushing potential customers away, it's keeping you from being understood, from generating real wealth, from relaxing into success.

Join us for a 3-Day Transformational Event.

Transformation in the presence of embodied joy.
"After doing Ben's work, I've doubled my income - TWICE!"
- Roy Biancalana, Relationship Coach
You get to wave “good bye” to those old fears, doubts and limitations…

When you finally understand your type fully, you will:

Laugh your butt off with others who share your Type
Feel understood and appreciated by others (as you understand them better too!)
Clear long-held secret patterns that have been driving you nuts, and holding you back. (shadow work)
Have much greater and deeper impact as a leader (cause you know yourself and others deeper)
Finally understand your deepest gifts, and your unique magnetism (strengths work)
Leave ready to stand in your true authority, embodying your strengths and weaknesses unapologetically in a way that others naturally trust, follow, and honor.
Your Journey of Transformation...

Challenge #1, Day 1

Gather with others who share you type and dig under the surface to answer the following questions… how are your personality type and your unconscious fears keeping you from leading with authenticity and authority? How are they pushing away your potential customers?

This often requires uncomfortable truth telling. But the truth shall set you free from these unconscious fears and self imposed limitations!

Challenge #2, Day 2

On day two you will find the courage to look your old daemons in the face and do “Shadow Work” to integrate and defeat them! As you integrate aspects of your shadow you find more resiliency and inner alignment allowing customers to trust you and embrace your vision of what’s possible.

 You can give your gifts, stand firmly in your values, and be well received by others!

Challenge #3, Day 3

Possibly the hardest challenge for emerging leaders is to embrace their own light. On day three we use cutting edge tools to help you tap into vast amounts of creativity, power, and presence so you can bring these qualities to your selling and marketing efforts.

Complete the journey with us and enjoy the vitality, the increase in self-value, and the authentic connections that create openness and ease in your potential clients.

If you doubled your sales next year, would it be worth three days of your time?

If you are ready to step up to this challenge and be with other high caliber leaders in the transformational trenches this program is for you.

Fill in the information below and make the investment in your future. Join the thousands of people who have been through our programs in the past twenty years, who have discovered their Enneagram Type, made the leap, and transcended their limited thinking and unconscious fears.

More ease with selling, and more impact with your staff and customers is only three days away. Will you join us?

We gather in Santa Cruz, CA on Nov. 10, 11 & 12, for this heart-opening, transformational event titled Transform Your Type Live: Emerging Leaders

The event is $997, but we will offer the first twenty seats at $497.
To get this $500 discount use the code TYTL497 at the checkout!
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